Cotton bags

Cotton bags with handles short and long, in natural, red, sometimes black, blue, pink, gray etc. for adults. Children's bags - small for children or seniors.


Textile marker color brown, black, or colored felt-tip pens on textile. According to customer's request and according to demand.


Textile colors Pebeo with textured felt-tip pens. Each bag is original. Drawing is from both sides.


Design, then drawing either directly from hand or using a template. Min. twice three times. Basic color brown. Black contour. In case of colored markers, contour black. For dark bags such as black, dark red, dark blue, a white marker is used which must be ironed.

Bags are cotton, can be washed for about 40 degrees. C. This is handmade, I do not recommend washing machine. The drawing can withstand washing at 60 degrees. C, but because it's 100% cotton can shrink.

Tašky jsou certifikované jako regionální výrobek BROUMOVSKA.